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The name ‘Noblesse’ refers of course to ‘Noblesse Oblige’ – born of the sharing of a place, for those one considers Noble or, being the person who is so noble, they are given leave of everything by others, wherever they stride in life.

Step over the threshold into ’The Old Rectory’ and let it be your own.

With your dreams, Noblesse Weddings will grant you the promise of a magical day.Without a care, safe in the knowledge that an experienced team has your dream in the palms of their hands, you will feel that every free flowing and seamless moment can be experienced completely.

I happen to believe Elbert Hubbard (1865-1925), he wrote:

“Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed – there is so little competition”!

That line alone expresses our promise to you – your day will be unique and it will unfold just the way you wish.

The Noblesse Team will so willingly serve to create the dream wedding experience you seek, dealing with the practicalities of hosting such an exclusive event, always fine tuning the finer details, ensuring your wedding remains, forevermore, a unique and precious memory.


Weddings In Kent