Weddings in Kent

On the Wedding Day, the Marriage Registrar and all Noblesse Teams, such as Chefs,
Florist, Waiting Staff, Food & Wine Teams, Musicians and Noblesse Hair & Beauty
Team will arrive from 7 o’clock in the morning.

The Noblesse Wedding Breakfast will host up to 100 guests in a magnificent Marquee under the Lime Trees
in the formal gardens to the back of The Old Rectory.

Peace and privacy will be afforded the Noblesse Bride and her bridal party, until the Marriage Ceremony.

  • If the Bridal & Groom’s Marriage is to be held in a church nearby, then the cars will wait to deliver the Bride,
    a little late to the Church, as tradition dictates. If the Bride & Groom are marrying at The Old Rectory, The Noblesse Wedding Ceremony Rooms will be dressed for up to 50 guests by 10.00am promptly.
  • Guests will arrive from The Teston Road, through the lane and through the fields where they may park and then
    will be shown to the entrance of The Old Rectory. On arrival the guests will be given a small card with their table name, so that they can later find their seats with ease.
  • Champagne and canapés will be served in the Drawing Room or in the Walled garden, if the weather permits.
  • Photographs of The Bride & Groom and their families will be taken in the romantic and beautifully landscaped
    gardens at this time.
  • The Maître D will call for the Wedding Breakfast and the guests will be announced to the Bride & Groom, one by one,
    by The Master of Ceremonies as they are directed to their tables.

The Wedding CeremonyNoblesse Weddings

There is a Wedding Licence so that you may choose to have your Wedding Ceremony in The Old Rectory or in the Gardens beneath an Arbour,
swathed in roses.

In the case of the Wedding Ceremony being held here, the Wedding party may be conducted in the company of 50 guests, for intimacy and comfort.

Photographing the Memory

After the Wedding Ceremony, the Bride & Groom and the Bridal Party will be photographed and a memorable Album of The Wedding Day will be created.

Filming of the Wedding Day

A professional Noblesse Film Team, will be present, but will not disturb the Bride and Groom and their guests,
as they record the day on film, further editing and presenting as many copies as wished to the Bride and Groom’s families.

Weddings in Kent

The Arrival of the Guests

Each guest will be given their table name and seat details, so that they may find their table with ease.

Guests arriving for the Celebration, will be served Canapés and Champagne on the Lawns or in the Walled Garden
(should the weather permit it) and called, when the formal photography is complete. The Master of Ceremonies
will present the guests to the Bride and Groom, en route to their seats for the Wedding Breakfast in the Marquee.

Weddings in Kent